Nov 22-Dec 9
Women's Wealth & Intuition Summit

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What if trusting your intuition was the key to a truly wealthy life? Do you ever feel a deep, soul longing for more from your life? A life where you wake up feeling fulfillment, joy and freedom because you are living a truly, soul-filling and meaningful life. A life on your terms, as guided by your own inner knowing. Maybe there is a huge part of you that doesn’t quite believe that it is ... Full Listing.
Nov 30-Dec 14
Spiritual Intelligence of Emotions

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Go beyond emotional intelligence to discover the deep spiritual wisdom in your emotions and unlock greater freedom, peace and energy. Emotional wellbeing is a key factor in satisfying relationships, successful careers, fulfilling relationships — even in expressing our creativity. And, if you’ve ever faced depression, anxiety, or other symptoms of “stuck” emotions, you know how tough life can be. ... Full Listing.
Dec 3-Jan 12
Medicinal Plants for Protection

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Discover how to better care for your body, mind and spirit through the use of natural remedies that protect your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Access medicinal herbs and essential oils to boost your respiratory immunity, prevent adrenal fatigue, protect yourself from environmental toxins and much more. It’s more important than ever to be an advocate for your own health and ... Full Listing.
Tue, Dec 6
Next Level of Spiritual Practice

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Are you ready to evolve your spiritual practice beyond your solo routine and into the cutting edge field of mutual awakening? It’s time to explore the highest level of human development that’s blowing away advanced spiritual practitioners as you access new dimensions of relating and expanding consciousness with others. For too long, we’ve fixated on our individual awakening and become hyper-aware ... Full Listing.
Dec 6-8
Shift Leadership Roundtable

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Do you feel called to play a bigger role in the cultural shift that’s taking place... to a world that is more conscious, THRIVING and truly works for all? Maybe recent events like the U.S. Election, Brexit, Standing Rock or injustices taking place in your community and around the world have inspired you to take an active role in changing policies, launching a project, or starting a business that ... Full Listing.
Dec 7-Jan 24
Awakening Shamanic Power

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Access Your Ability to Heal the Past, Awaken to the Present and Transform the Future. Deepen Your Understanding of Shamanism and Discover a Profound Relationship With the Sacred — Working With Altars, Rituals and Intention for Healing and Guidance. As a spiritual seeker, you’ve probably been drawn to the stories of shamans who journey between worlds, heal sickness and seem to bend the very laws of ... Full Listing.
Thu, Dec 8
Bay Area Transfiguration Group

Unity Hall, Unity in Marin • Novato, CA
New Season • New Vision BAY AREA TRANSFIGURATION GROUP MEETING with Gordon Asher Davidson Thursdays, October 20th Next Dates: November 10 & December 8 7:00pm – 9:00pm Unity Hall, Unity in Marin, 600 Palm Drive, Novato, CA Socializing begins at 6:30, We will start promptly at 7:00pm Admission: $15 - $25 Dear Friends, Greetings and love to all of you. We hope you are having a relaxing ... Full Listing.
Thu, Dec 8
DNA, GAIASophia, Story of Creation

Online Seminar – Replay Available •
PLANETARY BODY IS THE GATEWAY TO THE 7 HIGHER HEAVENS AND REUNION WITH TRUE SOURCE ENERGY! In this workshop, Laura will discuss how our DNA holds the template of Hierogamic Union and will help us to understand what we need to address in order to initiate ourselves into Higher Earth energies. She will help us to know how to achieve DNA and Galactic Chakra Activation. She will help us to understand ... Full Listing.
Thu, Dec 8
Echoes of Light with Thomas Hübl

Chabot Space and Science Center • Oakland, CA
Echoes of Light: A Toning Concert with Thomas Hübl with keyboard accompaniment by Myrissa Lai Join us for an immersion in sound and light as Thomas Hübl transmits a beautiful sonic field with Myrissa Lai’s sensitive keyboard accompaniment, while the the universe unfolds above you in all its grandeur in the Chabot Planetarium. Thomas Hübl’s toning draws you deeply into a state of space, presence, ... Full Listing.
Thu, Dec 8
Unlock Your Quantum Powers

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Most people, regardless of age, race or gender have fantasized about having magical or “super” powers of some kind… This is the reason books and movies about superheroes, wizards, mutants, and people with psychic powers are so popular—and embraced by both children and adults alike. Those characters have the kinds of abilities we all wish we had, and they tap into our core desire to become the ... Full Listing.
Dec 10-11
Occidental Holiday Crafts Faire

Occidental Community Center - YMCA • Occidental, CA
The 31st Annual Occidental Holiday Crafts Faire highlights over 35 local and regional artists, and features our traditional bucket raffle, fabulous food, and baked goods provided by students from Salmon Creek School. We welcome you to come and participate in the activities, take a stroll through town, and visit the local merchants and businesses. It is truly a holiday event that is not to be ... Full Listing.
Sat, Dec 10
Elijah Ray & The Band of Light!

TMS Performing Arts Center • San Rafael, CA
Light up the Holidays with Elijah Ray's magic, magnificence & ecstasy! ELIJAH RAY & THE BAND OF LIGHT are making a return appearance in Marin — What a perfect way to light the Holiday Skies, inside and out! Everyone who came to his full house show end of July was blown away, lifted high to the sky, & rode the endless waves of love! Doors open at 7 pm for "pre-concert reception" ... Full Listing.
Sat, Dec 10
A Very Mindful Holiday

WORK Petaluma • Petaluma, CA
Give yourself the gift of mindfulness this year with this new Holiday Consciousness Workshop. Avoid the last minute panic of holiday shopping and stay centered on the most meaningful aspects of this holiday season, whatever your customs may be. Daily Act’s very own, the amazing Marie Kneemeyer, will lead us through some tips and tricks for finding, communicating, and actualizing the true meaning ... Full Listing.
Dec 10-Jan 4
The Enneagram of the Virtues

FREE Online Teleseminar – Replay Available •
Unlock the Latent Potentials of Your Heart, Access a Higher Octave of Spirituality and Lead a Life of Expanded Possibility — Through a More Multi-Dimensional Approach to the Virtues of the Enneagram. Do you want to deepen your understanding of the 9 Enneagram types and the higher potential in each? Are you tired of thinking about fixations and want to integrate the more luminous spiritual ... Full Listing.
Mon, Dec 12
The Lost Years Of Jesus

The Lost Years Of Jesus & Secret Schools Of Initiation WEBINAR featuring Tricia McCannon In the last one hundred years, since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts, Dead Sea Scrolls and other lost writings, a whole new chapter in the life and teachings of Jesus can now be revealed UNCOVER THE TRUTH THAT HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN FOR THE PAST TWO MILLENIA!!! Topics: † Who was the man known as Jesus ... Full Listing.
Dec 13-20
Havana International Jazz Festival

Travel Abroad!, Cuba
Experience the roots of Afro-Cuban jazz first hand on an unforgettable adventure with PlazaCUBA! Our Havana International Jazz Festival Tour takes you deep into Cuba’s music scene with an all-access pass to the festival and entrance to exclusive engagements with Cuba’s most talented musicians. The festival is an international event that showcases the innovative sounds of Cuban music, featuring ... Full Listing.
Tue, Dec 13
Way of the Psychonaut w/ Stan Grof

Free Online Teleseminar - Replay Available •
Go beyond your ordinary mind and access your extraordinary capacity to explore — and gain wisdom from — other dimensions. Discover new tools and insights at the frontiers of psychology and spirituality to more effectively create lasting healing and growth for yourself and others. Psychology has for too long reduced us to our lowest-common denominators. The spiritual depth, power and inspiration ... Full Listing.
Tue, Dec 13
Arielle Ford: The Soulmate Secret

FREE Online Teleseminar – Replay Available •
Learn the Secret, simple techniques for taking control of your romantic destiny and manifesting your soulmate, even if you’ve given up finding the love of your life. Do you ever imagine what your life would be like if you had a special person to share it with? Someone who gets you and understands you. A partner who adores you, listens to you, respects you, and best of all, when you look into their ... Full Listing.
Dec 19-20
KPFA Winter Crafts Fair

Craneway Pavilion • Richmond, CA
A Bay Area cultural treasure benefiting KPFA 94.1 FM Public Radio, the KPFA Winter Crafts Fair showcases 200 exhibitors presenting affordable art and crafts - original work made by hand and exhibited by the people who make it. This December, the fair returns to the East Bay for its second year at the Craneway Pavilion on the Richmond Waterfront. In addition to exhibiting artists and fair traders, ... Full Listing.
Wed, Dec 21
Seven Sisters Solstice 2016

Rudramandir • Berkeley, CA
Join us this Winter Solstice to experience an inspiring evening of release, reflection, renewal & revisioning! Marguerite Rigoglioso (aka Dove) & newly graduated Dove Oracle Priestesses, holding a loving space of profound peace & safety, will take you on an inward journey to Source where all things are birthed anew. The amazing sound artist Timothy Surya Das will lift you to higher ... Full Listing.
Dec 29-Jan 1
New Year's Eve Dance Camp

Redwood Glen • Loma Mar, CA
Have you registered for NCDC's Winter Dance Camp? It's a beautiful opportunity to gather for a weekend in the redwoods to dance, sing, play, and connect in community. Join for a beautiful, enriching time of dancing in community and in nature. Northern California Dance Collective is a non-profit organization and a community of people who love to dance. They are especially interested in the place ... Full Listing.
Sat, Dec 31
Rivertown Ball

Petaluma Veteran's Building • Petaluma, CA
Sonoma County’s favorite music and production companies, Second Octave and Clementine Eco-Events, are pleased to announce a fresh and fantastic Sonoma County New Year’s tradition: The Rivertown Ball! Tickets Avaliable ⇢⇢⇢ On Saturday, December 31st, at the Petaluma Veterans Memorial Bld San Francisco’s pioneering psychedelic soul band Monophonics will be joined by ... Full Listing.