Dec 21-Jan 24
Awakening Shamanic Power

FREE Online Teleseminar – Replay Available Now •
Access Your Ability to Heal the Past, Awaken to the Present and Transform the Future. Deepen Your Understanding of Shamanism and Discover a Profound Relationship With the Sacred — Working With Altars, Rituals and Intention for Healing and Guidance. As a spiritual seeker, you’ve probably been drawn to the stories of shamans who journey between worlds, heal sickness and seem to bend the very laws of ... Full Listing.
Dec 21-Jan 31
The Feminine Wake-up Call

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Do you feel called to take your leadership and life’s work to the next level? Are you seeking greater success and a profound positive impact in the world? Are you ready to lead the way forward in a more feminine way that is heart-centered and effective, spiritually-based and practical? You’re not alone. Women around the world are waking up, not only to our intrinsic power, but the importance of ... Full Listing.
Jan 11-Feb 8
Winter of Wellness

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Supercharge your WHOLE being...Body, Mind & Soul! What do most illnesses have in common? How can simple energy medicine techniques improve your health? What common flower holds the key to your healing — and is probably in your garden right now? Where do neuroscience and spirituality cross paths? Could a powerful form of prayer, lost centuries ago, be the key to your healing today? Can the Bone ... Full Listing.
Jan 11-25
Shamanic Power of Active Dreaming

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Have you suspected that far more is possible than passively waiting for (and barely remembering) your dreams? Unlock the power of your dreams and discover a world filled with connection, magic and synchronicity. For centuries around the world, shamans have practiced a more powerful, valuable and fascinating approach to dreaming — seeing it as a time for transformation, healing and receiving ... Full Listing.
Jan 18-28
Rainforest Medicine Councils

Orchid of the Osa Wilderness Eco-Retreat Centre • Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Join on a profound and joyous experiential journey, for self, community and planetary renewal, through the time-tested traditions of the ancient Amazon. This will be an unforgettable adventure of self-discovery, wellness and exploration of rainforest plant medicine traditions with. Time-honored Secoya traditional elders from the Ecuadorian Amazon, key healing facilitators of traditional renewals ... Full Listing.
Jan 19-25
OneDanceTribe Hawaii

Camp Kea'nae • Keanae, HI
6th annual international conscious movement gathering featuring Azul founder Amara Pagano, SoulMotion founder Vinn Arjuna Marti', Dancing Freedom founder Samantha Sweetwater, Wave Continuum founder Eva Geueke, 5Rhythms teacher Jo Cobbett, Open Floor teacher Jenny Macke, Hula teacher Amy Chang, Hawaiian spiritual teacher Lei'Ohu Ryder, medicine woman Mary Lane and consciousness teacher Christine ... Full Listing.
Jan 20-22
17th Annual Edwardian Ball

Regency Center • San Francisco, CA
The 17th Edwardian Ball returns to the Regency Ballroom Friday and Saturday, January 20 and 21, 2017. This year the living interpretation and celebration of the stories of the late-great macabre cult author, comic artist, illustrator and cartoonist Edward Gorey revels in even darker black comedy and ominous gothic intrigue, suspense and mystery with the theme of Murder, as illustrated by this ... Full Listing.
Jan 21-22
Past Life Research w/ Shama Viola

SoCoHA • Sebastopol, CA
Past Life Research: A journey toward the memories, talents, and possibilities contained within you! Recall of past lives will come to the surface during this highly creative and fascinatingly interactive experience. Damanhur uses a series of inner dynamic activities that help guide and reveal clues to a specific past life. Shama Viola will be facilitating the class, which is traced down beforehand ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 21
Giants, Fairies & Archaeology

Giants, Fairies & Strange Archaeology featuring Tricia McCannon FOR 1000'S OF YEARS HUMAN BEINGS KNEW WE WERE THE ONLY INTELLIGENT BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE When we look back in history, the legends of our encounters with giants, fairies, mermaids, leprechauns, ETs, angels, and otherworldly creatures abound. Some of these beings were clearly third dimensional, while others were not. These beings ... Full Listing.
Jan 21-22
Manifesting Your Dream Business

Novato Oaks Inn • Novato, CA
If you are reading this, you are probably someone who got into business so that you could help people transform their lives and make a big impact in this world. And make a really good income doing that. Perhaps make $100,000 or more per year consistently. And yet, you feel frustrated that you are not making enough money. You don’t know exactly how to call in your perfect ideal clients who need ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 21
Tamalpa Experience Workshop

Mountain Home Studio • Kentfield, CA
If your body could speak, what would it say? The Tamalpa Experience introduces an approach that enlivens dialogue between body and imagination, life experiences and art making. Using movement, drawing, poetic writing, and improvisational performance, participants will tap into art's symbolic language to explore current life themes and generate new resources. The Tamalpa Experience workshops are ... Full Listing.
Jan 21-28
Becoming The Divine Human Self

Online •
~ Global Online Call ~ In the haze of our current times, earth people are seeing the return of the remarkable phenomenon of “divine birth.” It’s both a metaphor for coming into your own divinity AND a physically based conception practice for women who want to bring higher consciousness beings to the planet. In this call, learn how this inner tantric work can help you create spiritual wholeness ... Full Listing.
Jan 22-28
Water Goddess: Bali Womens Retreat

Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat Center • Sukawati, Indonesia
Hello goddesses, priestesses, and witchy women of all walks. * Have you been feeling called to Bali? * Do you feel like the land and energy there has something for you? * Do you feel like you need to get away and be somewhere warm this winter, where you can meditate, bathe in the ocean, be around community, and be an open channel? * Do you love the idea of taking a week to deepen into dance as a ... Full Listing.
Tue, Jan 24
A Conversation with Brad Lancaster

Petaluma Community Center • Petaluma, CA
Planting and Stewarding Stormwater to Enliven Oases in our Urban Environment In this energetic presentation, Brad Lancaster, author of the seminal 'Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond', will share how to re-design our community commons and streetscapes by adopting regenerative rainwater solutions, rather than focusing on stormwater problems. In the urban environment, streetscapes are our ... Full Listing.
Jan 26-29
Awakening Love Retreat

Camp Keanae • Keanae, HI
The Awakening Love Retreat is a four day retreat held twice a year, in conjunction with the OneDanceTribe Hawaii and Europe events and it is designed to integrate the experience of the event in a more intimate setting, as well as explore the path of Azul. Designed to reflect the mission of Azul to awaken love, the retreat centers around utilizing the body intelligence to feel and integrate the ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 28
FEM Talks: Conscious Millionaires

The Key Room • Novato, CA
A Spiritually Oriented Gathering of Women Healers, Coaches, Speakers. Women Elevating their Businesses and Lives in Sisterhood and Supportive Community. Activities: Networking - Workshops in Business and Personal Growth - Wisdom Sharing - Dance, Meditations, Embodiment Practices ... and Lots of Laughter and Hugs. WORKSHOPS INCLUDE: Opening Ceremony — Red Thread Ritual with Shiloh Sophia — Artist, ... Full Listing.
Sun, Jan 29
George Lakoff

VINTAGE HOUSE • East, Sonoma, CA
Praxis Peace Institute Presents: George Lakoff, one America’s best-known cognitive scientists, has been a Professor of Linguistics at UC Berkeley since 1972 . He has taught at Harvard University, the University of Michigan, and was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. Lakoff will speak about the election and what happened with the Democratic ... Full Listing.
Tue, Jan 31
Women Who Rose

Sunrise Center • Corte Madera, CA
Glorious Celebration of the Birth of the Divine Feminine. Now more than ever we need to see you as the “Woman who Rose” (Women in bloom). Women who have the courage to know themselves as Divine. The Sacred Divine Feminine brings a unique and sorely missing piece in our culture. Knighting Ceremony will be held by Michael and Diana Melchizedek. Astrologer and author, Karen La Puma prepares us for ... Full Listing.
Feb 2-4
Sister Giant 2017

Crystal Gateway Marriott or LIVESTREAM • Arlington, VA
At the end of 2016, in this time of national and international turmoil, the biggest question so many of us are holding in our hearts is: “Where do we go now?” The purpose of this event is to create an opportunity for us to bring the worlds of spirituality and conscious values into fruitful dialogue with the worlds of politics and citizenship. You can participate LIVE in person or via livestream ... Full Listing.
Feb 2-4

Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel • Arlington, VA
Join Best-selling author Marianne Williamson and a host of experts speaking on the most critical spiritual and political issues of our day at this year’s SISTER GIANT conference in Washington DC. From the role of citizen to the role of the media, from how to get money out of politics to how to stem voter suppression, from understanding misogyny to transforming racism, from protecting the ... Full Listing.
Sat, Feb 4
Rumi's Caravan

Sebastopol Center for the Arts • Sebastopol, CA
RUMI'S CARAVAN IS FOR LOVERS RUMI'S CARAVAN invites all lovers of the divine to join in a heart-opening experience featuring poetry, passion, live music, and dervish dance performed in the ecstatic tradition. The 17th Annual Celebration offers a 2 pm matinee, a 7 pm evening show — both with live music — plus an optional 5 pm benefit dinner. TICKETS - 2:00 pm ... Full Listing.
Sat, Feb 4
Garden Installation

McNear Elementary School • Petaluma, CA
Want to help be a part of creating a habitat that will continue for generations to come? Join Daily Acts and McNear Elementary as we create a native plant habitat garden for students, parents, and of course local wildlife to benefit from for years to come. During this work day we will plant a habitat garden in a previously sheet mulched area incorporating various California native plants and ... Full Listing.
Sat, Feb 4
William Henry: Shiny, Happy People

Join internationally recognized teacher, speaker, co-ordinating producer of Ancient Aliens and host of Gaia TV’s, "The Awakened Soul,” for an opportunity to evolve your spirituality in ways that can better support you through the challenges and opportunities of 2017. William lays out a vision for influencing a planetary government that shifts to a spiritual multi-planetary humanity, rather than a ... Full Listing.
Feb 5-10
The Moontime Harmony Retreat

The Moontime Harmony Retreat • Yelapa, Mexico
Come to Yelapa, Mexico where the moon kisses the shore and the stars twinkle like diamonds and you will rediscover the Sacred truth of the moontime, menstrual cycle. Here in the jungle of the Divine Feminine your spirit will flow in harmony with this Goddess given gift. Welcome to the Moontime Harmony Retreat, a place where you will discover your Sacred connection to the menstrual cycle or ... Full Listing.
Feb 17-19
Wisdom 2.0: Featuring Jewel

Palace of Fine Arts • San Francisco, CA
Wisdom 2.0 is more than an event — it is an experience. Wisdom 2.0 is the premiere gathering focused on exploring the intersection of wisdom and technology. Our flagship gathering is in San Francisco each year, where thousands of people from over 30 countries join in asking: how do we live with greater presence, purpose and wisdom in the digital age? We are thrilled to announce that the 4 time ... Full Listing.