Sacred Commerce at Esalen

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Sacred Commerce at Esalen
Business as a Path of Awakening,led by the Engelharts
WHEN:Friday April 12th - Sunday April 14th
WHERE:Esalen Institute
55000 Highway 1
Big Sur,, CA 93920
COST:Begins at $ 405

Sacred Commerce: Business as a path of Awakening

Are you engaged in relationships with staff, co-workers, or business partners? Have you experienced frustration in these relationships? What if awakening consciousness was the context at your workplace? What if conflicts in your work community were acknowledged as opportunities to heal collective wounds? What if the mission of your business was to usher in a sustainable, spiritually fulfilling society? Sacred commerce is practicing presence in a commercial environment.
"I used to be stuck in the old paradigm-check my bags at the door when I show up to work.. grit my teeth and bear through the day. sacred Commerce has been truly life altering" Nick from Dharma Merchants ( A Sacred Commerce business)

Matthew and Terces Engelhart are the owners of Café Gratitude, LLC, a school of transformation in the setting of an organic vegan restaurant chain in California. During this workshop, with their characteristic humor and passion, the Engelharts will train participants in the following areas.

• How to incorporate simple but profound tools to help transform your working environment
• How to re-create an organization so that it appreciates in value while its workforce collectively keeps its attention on the successful flow of source and supply
• How to heal the split between “making a living” and creating a self-realized, fulfilled, and vital life.
Activities include lectures, partner work, coaching, and demonstrations.

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