Story of the “Controlling Mother” and the “Unsympathetic Jerk”, and How they got back to Love…

Accepted : The Story about the “Controlling Mother” and the “Unsympathetic Jerk”, and How they got back to Love…
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Yes, those are harsh words, and what a beautiful and touching story on how to get back to love!

This couple in their thirties with 2 kids were being hostile and easily triggered as they were so angry at each other. As the story unfolds, Scott Catamas begins to realize that both had different strategies to face challenging situations in life. But there is no right or wrong: the key to understand each other is to acknowledge our feelings and needs and to recognize the beauty of our most precious values that we fight for.

As the man and the woman begin to move out of the mental zone of just jugging each other, and drop into the humanity, they begin to share emotional intimacy again. When tragedy or hard stuff happens, often I see couples attack each other when they need each other the most. A wonderful way to remember the Love is to acknowledge our pain, acknowledge the unmet needs, acknowledge in this case the tragedy, and cry together, morn together, share the pain together.

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