Aug 17-23
Oregon Eclipse

Oregon, CA
Symbiosis is eyond excited to announce the INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATORS and ONSALE DATE for Oregon Eclipse 2017! They welcome Bass Coast Festival (Canada), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Noisily Festival of Music and Arts (UK), Festival Ometeotl (Mexico), Origin Festival (S. Africa), Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Re:birth Festival (Japan), and Universo Paralello Festival ... Full Listing.
Fri, Sep 15

Mountain Home Studio • Kentfield, CA
MEET THE WORK: An Introduction into the Life/Art Process With Maria Luisa Diaz de Leon September 15, 2017 7 - 9PM FREE Held at the historic Mountain Home Studio in Kentfield, CA Registration required! Join us for a special free introductory evening of the Tamalpa Life/Art approach. The evening will include an experiential 'taste' of the Tamalpa work using movement, drawing and poetic writing, a ... Full Listing.
Sat, Sep 16
Tamalpa Experience Workshop

Mountain Home Studio • Kentfield, CA
If your body could speak, what would it say? The Tamalpa Experience introduces an approach that enlivens dialogue between body and imagination, life experiences and art making. Using movement, drawing, poetic writing, and improvisational performance, participants will tap into art's symbolic language to explore current life themes and generate new resources. The Tamalpa Experience workshops are ... Full Listing.
Sat, Sep 23
Singing Body

Mountain Home Studio • Kentfield, CA
Through breath and rhythm, we tune our body instrument and free our voices to explore sounds, songs, and movement. Explore sound through Dohee Lee's expansive range of vocal techniques to create a mystical and universal language. This workshop expands participants' vocabularies with feelings, energies, memories, and stories to create new art. All levels of experience welcome. Art materials ... Full Listing.
Sat, Oct 14
Summer of Love 50thAnniversary2017

Golden Gate Park • San Francisco, CA
Truth and individual freedom. Freedom of expression. Creativity, love and respect for all things. Freedom for an individual to make a choice - sexually, spiritually and socially. The right to be different and still belong. Honor in refusing to fight without judging those who did. Our right to make a difference. Our right to think independently. Our willingness to share with This period of change ... Full Listing.
Sat, Oct 28
Healing the Wounds of History

Mountain Home Studio • Kentfield, CA
Armand Volkas will demonstrate his innovative approach to working with intercultural conflict transformation, collective trauma, and peacebuilding. Through experiential exercises integrated with didactic explanations of his model, he will guide participants through an embodied exploration of the following questions: How do cultures emotionally integrate a legacy of perpetration or victimization? ... Full Listing.
Sat, Nov 18
Resilient Landscape of the Body

Mountain Home Studio • Kentfield, CA
Participants will be introduced to the dynamics of trauma through the Tamalpa Life/Art Process. This workshop will address somatic responses to stress, use drawing and movement to explore triggers, and open up possibilities for resilient responses. Therapists, coaches, and educators are encouraged to attend, as well those interested in utilizing the body and creative resources towards healing. ... Full Listing.